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“Quickly Create Beautiful e-Menus That Your Customers Can Access Without ANY Wait…”

Blue mobile phone showing QuiQi main screen

The BEST cloud based interactive e-Menu for your business.

Easy, interactive and the most efficient way  to present the full details of your servings.

Can be used by any business that uses menus or catalogs to display their products such as restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.


We offer multiple ways for a client to easily accessyour e-Menu or e-Catalog:

  1. QR CODE – the client scans the QR code with their smartphone
  2. NFC – the client simply taps their phone on the NFC tag
  3. WiFi PLATFORM – QuiQi in conjunction with JoinMyWifi awarded platform provides instant display of the e-Menu
  4. URL – the client simply inserts the URL of the e-Menu into their browser
3 mobile phones showing QR code, NFC, and WIFI symbols

Why QuiQi is the World's Best solution for creating amazingly interactive e-Menus

Hand holding a mobile phone that is showing the User Interface of QuiQi

Clear, Consistent easy-to-browse menu.

QuiQi’s UI is designed in a very easy to understand, elegant way.

Every function of the menu is self explanatory so that the user will browse effortlessly form the first time of use.

QuiQi has a unique multi-level category structure. 

You can arrange the categories in various different ways so that to create their own distinctive e-Menu

You can have as many root categories (menus) as you like. For instance you can have Food, Drinks,Wine List, Other and more as unique menus within QuiQi

Hand holding a mobile phone that is showing the categorization functionality of QuiQi
Hand holding a mobile phone that is showing the advanced labeling system of QuiQi

One of a kind labeling system:

  1. Allergens – 13 Allergen badges (e.g. Soya, Lactose, Egg etc)
  2. Diet – more than 20 badges (e.g. Vegan, vegetarian, Pescatarian, GMO free etc)
  3. Special – more than 10 badges (e.g. Special Offer, New, Recommended etc) 
  4. Spiciness & Fresh/Frozen 
  • MULTILINGUAL: you can use any language with no limitations or restrictions
  • SEARCH: instantly search through the whole menu (name, category,details etc)
  • PHOTOS: different photos for any menu, category and menu items. The menu items photo can enlarge for better viewing.
  • BANNER: special promotional banner photo for every menu
  • PROMOTIONS: create offers instantly and display them through QuiQi. Strikethrough the price for a discounted offer. 
  • HIDE/DISPLAY: no need to delete an item when it’s not available. Display only what’s available when it’s available via the hide/display option. 
Hand holding a mobile phone that is showing the unique functions of QuiQi

Countless customizations


Unique design


User Friendly

Clear, consistent, easy-to-browse menus

Supports all devices

Works on all smartphones (android phones, iphones, tablets, ipads)

More Info

More details for every item on the e-menu

Less Time

No more time consuming procedures

Data Analytics

Data analytics for the use of your e-menu and more

365 Online Support

Support for anything you may need

QuiQi is high-valued...

Happy face checked
Five stars

Happy Customer

No more waiting for the waiter to bring the menu. The customers have the menu in their hands the minute they sit at the table. With e-Menu the customers browse through your menu at their own time and pace. Easier, Faster more convenient and overall BETTER. With extra information and easier to browse through, no wonder why customers love it. No more boring menus.

Dollar symbol with arrow facing downwards

Reduce cost of operation

In an industry of traditionally tight profit margins, printing new menus just to change or add an item is costly. Even more, redesigning your menu just to promote different items is unprofitable. No need to redesign or print new menus. Adding new items to your catalog, promoting special dishes or supplementing extra details to your menu is as simple as a click of a button. And most important … NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Stocks going up

Increase the revenue

With better, more interactive content for your customers, e-Menu is doing all the sales for you. You don’t just acquire a state of the art menu but a dedicated “salesperson” as well. e-Menu is doing all the talking for you. In addition is there another way to increase your revenue other than mouth-to-mouth marketing? Happy customers share their customer experience with friends and family. They actually become brand promoters. Overall e-Menu is the first-level marketing for your business.

Green paper with leaf

Save the environment

Go paperless with QuiQi and help save our planet.

Corona virus icon

Protect your clients

Corona virus (COVID-19) related guidelines recommend that the companies have a single-use price menu or menus visibly posted or even provide them electronically. Since e-Menu is displayed at customer’s device, it prevents the dispersion of germs or viruses.


No more talking

see for yourself

Are you ready to for your own e-Menu ?

This is a sample menu from a succesful restaurant 


Sample QR code for preview

QuiQi is high-tech ...

We innovate


The end user (e.g. restaurant's customer) by using anyone of the access option can easily browse through the e-Menu without the need of any additional application.


QuiQi is not a static photo menu (PDF, JPEG, PNG) - which would make it difficult to use - but an interactive menu specialized for viewing on mobile devices.


The restaurant owner can change the menu without the need of intermediaries and at no extra cost.


Each catalog item can be customized appropriately with options such as category, photo, allergens, special nutrition information, multiple prices, badges and more.


QuiQI supports any language.

Scanning a QR code with mobile phone

It's Easy


1. View the QR code through your camera

2. Your phone will pop up a link

*alternatively download a free QR Code scanner


1. Just tap the NFC tag with your phone (<5cm)

*NFC feature must be enabled


1. Connect to the WiFi and the e-Menu will pop up

*Requires JoinMyWifi platform


1. Manually insert the URL of the e-Menu to your browser

It's Fun

A completely new experience. 

  • One photo is worth a thousand words. Now you can display the photo of any dish and the customer can enlarge for a closer look any time he wants. 
  • Promote your dish as “New” ,”Recommended”, or create an “Offer” instantly with our special badges
  • Choosing a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian dish or avoiding allergens is made simple with the use of our special icons.
  • Use the “search” feature to search throughout the whole menu instantly (name, category, details etc) 

A fun twist to an old uninteresting activity is here to bring smile to your customer’s face. QuiQi provides the customer with a lot of new information and the interactive use, makes it FUN!!!

Mobile phone showing QuiQi maximized dish picture with description

It's QuiQi

Adding new products, creating new categories, changing product prices becomes easy and fast. Now, the management of your menu is entirely in your own hands with no extra cost for each change.

QuiQi is the only complete e-menu solution

Join the 1,328 businesses that use QuiQi

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One cloud e-Menu
Unlimited support
Unlimited scans
Unlimited tables
Unlimited menu edits
Unlimited food & drink items
Unlimited categories & languages
Unlimited digital QR codes & URLs
Customers can place orders

Discover the power of your own e-Menu

One small step to the future with your own state of the art e-Menu. Create and edit your menu catalog easily and cost effective. Save time and money while presenting to your customers the full value of your offerings.